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ARGHOSLENT - Hornets of the Pogrom
ARGHOSLENT - Hornets of the Pogrom ARGHOSLENT - Hornets of the Pogrom
10.00 €

Ref: DKCD049
Weight: 100 gr.
Country: Usa
format: CD III
Date: 2008

Totalitarian Death Metal - Factory Sealed - Arghoslent has always been met with controversy due to their lyrics that revolve around historical facts such as the slave trade, and other views about the world that arenít exactly positive.If thereís one reason this band is sure to stand out, itís their extremely catchy guitar riffs. Not only are the riffs filled with energy, but they have a slight southern flair to them. This, when combined with the old school Dismember sounding death metal, gives Arghoslent an edge over similar bands. (...)Anyone whoís hated Arghoslent before need not even bother with this release, as they will likely to find it more of the same. However, previous fans and newcomers will find that even after six years this is a group who is every bit as intense and addictive as in the past, controversy and all. This will be an album that is near the top of many death metal fanís lists come the end of the year, even with its lyrical content. (from - ARGHOSLENT's "Hornets Of The Pogrom" Makes The Metal Review Top 25 Of 2008: ranked #12 in the Metal Review Top 25 of 2008: amongst "2008's most impressive, accomplished, and outright essential works of heavy metal". - Drakkar Productions Release.

Added on 14-11-2017
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